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Analysis of HR status

  • Structured analysis of the relevant need of HR support for the company and thereby create security for management of HR issues.
  • Clarification of policies within the personnel and HR area.
  • Assist for the procurement of HR related services, for example, training, recruitment and similar.


Monitoring of relevant laws and agreements

  • Salary mapping.
  • Updates to changes in laws and agreements.
  • Assist and conduct negotiations with trade unions.


Work environment

  • Absence.
  • Risk factors.
  • Monitoring for systematic work environment management.



  • Analysis of staff turnover.
  • Follow-up activities and take preventative measures to reduce unwanted resignations.
  • Recruitment strategy, conducting recruitment alternatively assist with the choice of recruitment suppliers, “second opinion”.
  • Analysis and adaptation of staffing needs.
  • Assessment of the salary situation in the company.


Skills development

  • Mapping of competence training needs, individual development strategy for further career development of employees in the organisation.


Discrimination issues

  • Policies.
  • Management.
  • Measures.